Птичкина Ольга Николаевна

Птичкина Ольга

Магистр архитектуры в сфере градостроительства и ландшафтного дизайна. Окончила градостроительный факультет Харьковской академии городского хозяйства в 2012 году.

Участвовала в разработке проекта развития экопространств в структуре городской среды.

Научная работа касалась исследования «экоархитектуры» и интеграции природной средыв урбоническую. Соавтор проекта реконструкции здания Харьковского апелляционного суда, а также здания им. Довженко в г. Харькове. Занимается разработкой дизайн-проектов. Увлечение архитектурой модернизма и  “органической архитектурой”.


Profession of the architect was the topic of interest for a long time, first of all as an opportunity to realize creative ideas. With time though, a goal also appeared of the improvement of the urban environment both of the native city and beyond. Participated in the development of the project for the development of eco-spaces in the structure of the urban environment. The scientific work concerned the study of “eco-architecture” and the integration of the natural environment into the urban environment.

Co-author of the reconstruction project of the building of the Kharkiv Court of Appeal, buildings of the Food Combine, as well as the building of the “Dovzhenko” cinema in the city of Kharkiv.

Participated in the design of private facilities in Georgia and France.

As part of the “Portal-21” team and within the framework of cooperation with “GIZ”, was engaged in the work of the restoration project of the building of Volchansk Central Distict Hospital. This project was  of particular interest because it opened the opportunity to study and adopt foreign experience in the field of construction and restoration.

Therefore, I believe that cooperation between the countries of Europe is a step forward for the development of the architecture of the regions, the use of new materials and construction methods.