“off with savage”/ work 5

“off with savage”/ work 5

“off with savage”/ work 5


Absolutely unique piece, which will not repeat twice by artist.

Was made by Asya G. in June ’20 as a part of project ” Off with Savage”

Everyone can see in it their own images and feel it own in different ways.

Dimensions: 83x83x2 cm
Materials: primed fiberboard, interior wall paint high quality, acrilic paint

Year: 2020

Materials :

high-quality interior paints,
art acrylic paints, primed fiberboard, wood frame.


two mounting options – horizontal and vertical

Guarantees :

if you will not like it in a real , we will return to you 100% of the price in a case if you sent it back and covered delivery cost. After we get it in piece and sound the cost will be returned.

How to take care:

painting : dry cleaning only
frame: alcohol free wet wipes/ wet cloth

Delivery :

Asya takes care about her art work which she makes for You with a passion and love and very important that it will get you in a short time and in safe and sound.

We cover her art in wood framed box with special soft protection inside .

Before the delivery we send the photo of Your order with the painting and after from the post office , than You can see the protection and also the track details.